Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Flowers

This is the card I did for the Bella challenge this week. It had to have some form of flower on it. I think this stamp is called Happy Flowers. I may give this card to my mother in law. I haven't decided yet. I do have another one in mind. The weather has turned cold here and it's supposed to be in the minus by Sunday. Brrr! Stay warm friends.


  1. The weather might be cold but this card just warms your heart. That paper is one of my favourites....I love that stamp too! I remember when Nicki did that one and she placed lots of glitter on know we love the glitter girl!!! You coloured it beautifully! Very pretty......See you tonight!

  2. This is so pretty, Tanya!! So great to have you back in blogland my friend! Yes, this weather is crazy here, huh? Bring a sweater to club tonight, just in case!! See you tonight!