Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mudzie's Predicament.

WOW! Do not try this! I can speak from experience that this is not fun at all. When I was a kid I stuck my tongue to a gate in the middle of winter. I know, really stupid kid. I think someone dared me to do it. Anyway it didn't turn out all that well. This is a stamp from High Hopes. I coloured with Prismas and OMS. I used a clear galze pen on Mudzie's tongue. I stamped the snowflakes on with a little stamp I picked up at the dollar store.


  1. This is such a cute image! Not a good situation to be in that is for sure! Love the snowflakes that you added to the background! Hope you are enjoying the wonderful winter weather!LOL
    Have a great day,

  2. OMGosh! How hilarious is this! I can only imagine the pain - ooouch!!! Fab card - thanks for the chuckle!!
    Hugs, Danielle

  3. Hahahaha! What a cute image! High Hopes has some of the cutest for sure. You did a great job and I'm loving the snowflakes!

  4. Oh my that brings a memory back, when I was really little, on the school bus another little girl did that on the way to school, and had to stay that way thru the remainder of the pick up's and until the principal could bring out warm water to get her tongue off the window! Must have hurt man!! Great image!

  5. Too funny. My tongue stuck to a tiger tail popsicle. Man did I cry. Great image.
    Hugs xx